Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another pair of eyes CMMI [2]

I am confident has been understood for more in-depth 6sigma; However, when I more in-depth understanding of CMMI, the more I believe it is a good way to research and development. But why do we in R & D process improvement or progress slowly? I think there are two reasons: First, all alone in the face of a variety of ideas and effective work, the capacity will be neither effective combination, so that effective progress of the work, did not dare give up a number of decisions to adhere to a number. Second, even in the decision-making, the organization's execution can not keep up. Improvements to our current terms, and finally a clear improvement in the development process in order to CMMI-based, this is a clear idea of work; in practice, in accordance with CMMI project management specifications for each stage targeted, clear responsibility , track time, so the results highlighted. If he continues, I have no doubt that to achieve the set goals.

Some people may soon have to ask: do you not 6sigma the Black Belt? If so, should 6sigma doing here? I am a black belt, but I do not exist in order to make 6sigma I EPG positions in order to complete the requirements to work: research and development process improvement. Either way then, can organizations achieve their goals as long as like. And, as mentioned above, CMMI can do the planning and implementation, 6sigma can do, just similar to it. However, in order to organize specific ideas, consistency, a party of some necessary concessions. It is "a gentleman doing something not done," clearly the work of leading ideas, the need 6sigma do certain things. In addition, 6sigma still more details in place, add help for the development of process improvement. If a variety of tools to enhance thinking and decision-making logic, as far as possible data for decision-making will also promote the organization and improve the measurement of interest; and CMMI process improvement in the measure of the lack of financial returns, but also 6sigma exposed in front of it also promote the organization to improve in this area. Not only these, 6sigma desire for perfection, customer focus, team communication, and dissemination of knowledge and concepts of regular training, are subtly changing the atmosphere of the organization to improve the quality of members. All this is quietly driving the development process improvements, and results must be organized in the CMMI maturity level assessment, the farther high.

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